The rope over the abyss is held taut by those
who give it anchorage in heaven –
through fidelity in a faith
which is the constant, ultimate sacrifice.

Dag Hammarskjöld

Neue Räume und Projekte

Die aktuelle Ausgabe der Publikation der Seminarleitung lesen.

Seminarzeitung 2016

Read the 'Seminarzeitung 2016'. Unfortunately only available in German.

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Open morning courses

Open morning courses

Each semester there are a number of courses open for friends of the seminary. Lecturers of this summer will be Johannes Lauten, Rolf Herzog, Jörgen Day, Johanna Hünig, Felicia Holland, Elsbeth Weymann, H.-B. Neumann und Wolfgang Held. Read more

Leitfaden "Studium für Berufstätige"


Der Leitfaden "Studium für Berufstätige" mit ausführlichen Informationen wird auf Wunsch zugesandt.

Christentum in Entwicklung

Some lectures held in this series are published in the book “Christentum in Entwicklung” – only available in German.



Einladung zu den Priesterweihen in Hamburg, Stuttgart und Forest Row

Die Termine ...

Mathias Wais: Familie im Aufbruch

New publication at Christmas 2016: 'Familie im Aufbruch'

Study at the Priest Seminary Hamburg

Study at the Priest Seminary Hamburg

The Priest seminary in Hamburg offers the opportunity to discover one’s own inspiration and motivation towards a path of inner development, while at the same time preparing the applicant for the profession of a priest in the Christian Community.
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