Excerpt from the charter of the Foundation „Stiftung Priesterseminar Hamburg der Christengemeinschaft“


§ 1 Name, legal form
The foundation is named „Stiftung Priesterseminar Hamburg der Christengemeinschaft“
The Seminary in Hamburg is a subsidiary trust of the Foundation “Die Christengemeinschaft in Deutschland”.


§ 2 Mission of the Foundation

The foundation’s purposes are solely charitable as defined in chapter “tax-privileged purposes” of the general tax code.

The mission of the foundation is the advancement of science and research. This is realised by the establishment, operation and maintenance of a priest seminary as a free theological academy.

The foundation acts altruistically and does not pursue economic viability as a primary purpose. The means of the foundation may be used only for statutory purposes. No person should be advantaged by costs which do not correspond to the foundation’s mission or by disproportional reimbursements.

The results of research will be made accessible to the public by suitable means/appropriate activity (activities).